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Marshall MF350 MF280 (FOR SALE)

Marshall MF350 & MF280 (FOR SALE $2000.)

Contact 702.997.5280 Slightly Used for Studio Recordings.

It delivers what the others promise.

The Marshall MF350 Mode Four 350W Head delivers powerful sound and plenty of it. Though many amps claim to produce classic and modern tones, most fall short. The brutal yet toneful 350W hybrid output is just the beginning of the story. With its two-amps-in-one design that employs dual preamps, each with an ECC83 valve, you get totally independent amp configurations. It also completely reconfigures its power amp section depending on which amp type is selected. Both of the amp types have two footswitchable modes, with Amp 1 offering Clean and Crunch modes and Amp 2 delivering two distinct overdrives. Amp 1 is the classic side. When selected, it re-creates the unmistakable sound and feel of Marshall’s 100W valve power roar. The Clean mode produces incredibly dynamic, 3-dimensional clean and bluesy crunch. Click into Crunch and unleash the unbridled aggression and bite of the JCM800 Series with levels of gain never conceived of in the ’80s. Amp 2 takes over where Amp 1 leaves off with OD2 dishing up more sheer gain than any other Marshall ever while giving you maximum control in shaping your signature sound.


  • 350W hybrid output
  • 2-amps-in-one design
  • Dual independent preamp stages with separate ECC83 valves
  • Both amp types have 2 footswitchable modes
  • Amp 1 offers Clean and Crunch modes
  • Amp 2 delivers 2 distinct overdrives

The powerful wings of a Mode Four screamin’ stack!

The MF280 is specially engineered to reproduce the balanced midrange and huge bottom end that are prerequisites for extreme hard rock and nu-metal sounds. Sonically optimized Celestion loudspeaker designs. Pro-gauge internal wiring, increased internal volume, metal logo and piping. Ready for the sonic demands of a high performance head like the MF350 and the extreme physical abuse of the road.


  • 4 – 12″ Celestion G12H speakers
  • Pro-gauge internal wiring
  • Increased internal volume
  • Metal logo and piping
  • Perfect for the MF350
  • 16 ohm
  • 120W handling