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Headshots & Modeling Photographers Drake Photography HD

Official Headshot: Actor/Writer Michael Boatman

  • Tia Mowry Comedy “Instant Mom”
  • Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management”
  • “The Good Wife”

Renoly Con Air

Official Headshot: Actor/Musician Renoly Santiago

  • “Conair”
  • “Hackers”
  • “Dangerous Minds”

What is a Modeling Sessions like?
They can be fun, exciting, relaxing and always comfortable. We bring music of your choice to the shoot either indoors or outdoors. We will guide your poses if needed and capture your natural appeal. Useful things to bring to your session (males & females): Comb, Mirror, Hand Towel, extra outfits and accessories.

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One of the most important marketing pieces will be your pictures, your actor’s headshot and model comp (zed) card can be the difference between getting a callback or not. It is important that your photos are done right by a professional who knows the business and knows how to capture what the industry is looking for.

NPC Garden State Winner 2013 Yorkanis Francis (right) shot 4 weeks before her competition.

Drake Photography HD will take the time to get quality usable photos on your first shoot. We will guide your poses if needed and capture your natural appeal. Drake Photography HD offers retouching of photos to remove imperfections but still keeping you looking natural.

Yorkanis Francis

Headshot & Modeling Photography by Drake Photography HD