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Hartke XL-4 Electric Bass Guitar Prototype #9 (For Sale)

Collectible Hartke XL-4 Bass Prototype #9 (For Sale)

Hand-built in Asbury Park, New Jersey, each XL-4 will be personally inspected and tested by Larry Hartke and provided with a special Certificate of Authenticity bearing his signature.
Suggested list price for the XL-4 bass is $2399.99 in black. This bass is was build on 10/27/99 by Larry Hartke and this is the 9th prototype. All original untouched collectible item. Original strings.

Hartke XL-4 Electric Bass Guitar w/ Aluminum Neck
Poplar body
34″ scale length
Double T-Bar aluminum neck
Chrome-plated headstock
Rock Tiger maple neck
Nickel silver frets
Zero fret for flawless open string response
EMG pickups
Dual volume controls
Bass/Treble control
Chrome bridge
Custom Sperzel locking tuners
Brushed aluminum finish pickguard
Made in U.S.A

Designed by Larry Hartke, the new XL-4 represents a significant evolution in his ongoing quest to “refine the role of bass guitar.” The XL-4 incorporates traditional elements along with new, aluminum-based design technologies to improve sustain and long-term tuning stability.

The XL-4 starts with a select Poplar body coupled to a Vaccaro double T-Bar aluminum component neck system with a flame maple neck shell for a familiar feel and easy playability. This system consists of a lightweight aluminum aircraft extrusion welded to an aluminum triple-plated chrome headstock for maximum resistance to weather and string tension and maximum sustain. An Ebonol fretboard with ultra fast action neck finish and Nickel silver frets further enhances the instrument’s playability while its Zero-fret design provides great open string response.

To best capture its sustain, tone and presence, the XL-4 is equipped with EMG P-J active pickups and a high-quality preamp. Other premium features include dual volume controls; concentric bass/treble tone control; a heavy-duty Schaller 2000 chrome bridge; Sperzel locking tuning machines and a brushed aluminum finish pickguard.