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“Bad Parents” Movie Red Carpet Opening Photos

“Bad Parents” Red Carpet Movie Opening

Kathy (Janeane Garofalo), a suburban mom, signs her seven-year-old daughter up for club soccer thinking it will be a great change of pace from her own days of carpools, laundry, and household drudgery. With one stroke of the pen, Kathy finds herself thrust into the dog-eat-dog world of over-zealous hyper-competitive youth sports obsessed parents.

Coach Nick (Christopher Titus) in his relentless pursuit of team glory, divides the young players by ability, is worshipped by all: Melissa (Cheri Oteri) the perky, former cheerleader, know-it-all mom; her frenemy “mean mom” Allison (Rebecca Budig); Gary, the Assistant Coach (Michael Boatman) a perpetual outsider longing for his moment of acceptance from everyone including his ever-disapproving wife, Tracy (Kristen Johnston); divorcee, and desperate social climber, Laurie (Reiko Aylesworth); and, Melissa’s college-scholarship obsessed husband, Dan (Bill Sage).

The season races to a climax. The stakes get higher and higher as the team makes its way to the State Championship Cup Semi-Finals. Tensions are high. Adult tempers flare. What happens during the explosive final game shocks everyone. Featuring an ensemble of today’s funniest comedic actors “Bad Parents” is a witty, satirical comedy that exposes a world where “trophy kids” are like a new drug and addict parents will stop at nothing to insure their next fix.

Bad Parents Electronic Press Kit (Featuring DPHD’s Headshot-Michael Boatman)

Writer/Director Caytha Jentis, with insider authenticity, shares the absurd, yet very real world of suburban youth sports. With humor and heart, she exposes the void in parents’ lives that youth soccer fills. We know these people. They are our friends and neighbors. For everyone who has ever sat on the sidelines of their kids’ sporting events, for anyone who has dared to dream of making it big at any cost, this is your story. Are you THAT parent?

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